Mission Statement


I feel that I’m the keeper of the flame. I know that might sound a little grandiose, but, one of the things that always attracted me to this business is its sense of history... Corrado Cutlery began in 1905. 

It was a very different time. Just think about what the world was like in 1905. It’s like everything has changed. And it’s still changing, faster every day. So many things have happened, a lot of them good - but I think some things have gotten lost along the way… like the commitment to quality, and integrity that was pretty standard in those days. You have to look a little harder to find that today, don’t you think? 

The cutlery business is all about tools… think about the way things were made back fifty-sixty years ago versus now—there’s a difference. Of course there are still some pretty good tools being made—that’s why I’m still in this business. I want to be a bridge between the digital, internet-driven world of today, and the care and quality that was so much a part of yesterday. My hope is to take this old business, lean on those deep roots and keep it relevant today online.

When I think about my mission, I think about… core tools and core values. And in my mind - and in my business - they’re connected. A good cutlery store sells tools that are an integral part of our everyday life. So much so that we take them for granted… Just think about slicing your bagel, or trimming your nails—or shaving, or dragging a comb across your head… maybe this morning you cut an article out of the paper… So my mission, and my business is to bring you these core items and at the same time honor the history of those roots sunk deep in a time when you just did things the right way.

Good stuff—honestly presented. 

Here, online it may feel different, but let me tell you, the foundation is just as solid as if it were built in 1905—core products and core values. The great thing about offering well- made products is that selling them becomes a simple matter of telling you the truth. And I will. I promise.

Here you’ll find the finest scissors and nippers for sewing, household and personal grooming from Dreiturm/Solingen. The world's best razors made in Germany by Dovo and Merkur. Fine German and Japanese kitchen knives from Messermeister… plus a whole range of personal care products—like Pinaud-Clubman after shaves and colognes… a line that dates back to 1810. It’s the brand that just won’t die…because you won’t let it. And I appreciate that…

So welcome to Corrado Cutlery - an online store shaped by its history, and committed to core products and core values. As we say in Chicago: “shop early, shop often..”

All the best –


Jim Bilger - Owner
Corrado Cutlery, Clubman Online, Dovo Online, Merkur Shave