Clubman Online Super Badger Shave Brush - 110mm

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The Clubman Online Super Badger Shave Brush - 110mm is a top quality grade of badger hair and will give its user many years of service. This hair is chosen by the more discerning wet shaver for its softness on the skin and water retention qualities. A unique dark band capped by light, almost white tips makes this hair very recognizable in its appearance.

Our Super Badger brush is hand made and the tapered head shape is achieved without the use of trimming machinery, a time saving method employed by other manufacturers. As a result we guarantee the softest and smoothest of shaves from tips in their natural state.

  • Lathe turned handle finished in faux Ivory
  • Handle height: 60mm
  • Overall brush height: 110mm
  • Knot diameter (at base) 23mm
  • Handmade in the United Kingdom